Presentation Skills

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Course Cost: $110.00

Course Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Course Day(s): Weekdays and Saturdays

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It is perfectly natural to be nervous when presenting in front of an audience.  It is however, not acceptable to let it show.   Speaking too fast, too slow, being perceived as nervous or even the use of too many hand gestures can be detrimental to your presentation and leave it “unbelievable!”  The use of a few presentation techniques can provide assurance for both you and your audience.


  • Plan Your presentation
  • New methods of delivery
  • Preparing your presentation well
  • How to mix and mingle like a pro at business events
  • Presentation visual aids
  • Seven basic tips for a great presentation
  • How to direct your audience’s attention
  • Guidelines for presentation content
  • The use of computer technology for presentations
  • Appearance and apparel
  • Energizing your presentation delivery
  • How to maintain your cool
  • Getting the audience involved
  • Determining what type of presenter you are
  • The check list that helps you avoid presenter anxiety
  • Dealing with a hostile participant
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