Dressing for Success

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Course Cost: $110.00

Course Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Course Day(s): Weekdays and Saturdays

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Are your employees dressing in a way that best represents the company’s image?  Many business professionals are not able to distinguish the difference between business/casual and causal dress and therefore look as though they are dressed for a weekend outing instead of conducting business for the company. This “job-related” risk can be the downfall of employees that prevents them from reaching their “next level” potential and can also speak volumes about your company.

It is imperative that the dress culture in the workplace is defined and clearly understood by all employees. This understanding provides for a universal dress code concerning “Business Casual” dress policies, specifies guidelines and limitations.  Employees no longer are responsible to qualify appropriate work attire. Our company can help you set the tone for the appropriate business style that represents your company’s image.

Each time your employee passes out a business card, makes a presentation or appears in public as a representative for your company, he or she is advertising your image.  Just as strategies are created to accomplish your bottom line, it is also necessary to make an impact with a professional presence.  This impact often contributes to your company’s bottom line.  Image impact can take the place of a thousand words and impressions are lasting.


  • How to create a professional image through wardrobe selection
  • How to use wardrobe to make a good first impression
  • How to recognize your best style of clothing
  • How to capture and focus the attention of the observer
  • How to distinguish between business/casual and casual attire
  • How to determine appropriate vs. inappropriate attire for business
  • How to become an expert at selecting the right attire
  • How to make power statements with your wardrobe
  • Why image is important
  • The best color choices for your wardrobe
  • Identifying wardrobe personalities
  • Choosing the best style of clothing for your body type
  • What is professional attire
  • Selecting the right accessories
  • Taking inventory to determine your wardrobe needs
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