Dining Etiquette

Course Information

Course Cost: $110.00

Course Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Course Day(s): Weekdays and Saturdays

Product Description

Whether at a formal dinner or a catered buffet in the company’s boardroom, professionals return to the table to make their final decisions about business.  This is the time when professional etiquette can make or break your contract.  The bottom line often goes beyond expertise with numbers or written data and sometimes hinges simply on good manners.   Manners are a reflection of you and your company and are always noticed even in the most informal atmospheres.

Questions of uncertainty arise among executives as well as their employees on how to conduct themselves at the dining table.  Having dining manners can provide the confidence needed to get past the fear of “not knowing.”  When you are more confident about not making mistakes you are better able to concentrate on business with more ease. The Image Development Place can equip your company employees with the business tool “Dining Etiquette” which will in turn help you leave a good social impression.


  • Interviewing over lunch
  • Choosing the right restaurant
  • Dining attire
  • Reservations
  • Handling late arrivals
  • Seating preferences
  • Table manners
  • The place setting
  • Use of glassware
  • Use of flatware
  • Handling finger foods
  • Handling undesired foods
  • Handling table accidents
  • Tips on tipping
  • Use of the napkin; before, during and after the meal
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