Business Etiquette

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Course Cost: $110.00

Course Day(s): Weekdays and Saturdays

Product Description

Sometimes clients are lost simply because we do not present the right business image.  Mistakes and bad manners are lasting impressions that today’s businesses cannot afford to make. Our business etiquette training iterates the importance of professional courtesies and mutual respect.   As you develop the culture of respect in your organization among your employees, it will soon be noticed and reciprocated by your clients.


  • Responding to introductions
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Do’s and Don’ts in today’s business world
  • Clients in your office
  • Mastering the handshake
  • Business card protocol
  • Eye contact
  • Meeting persons with disabilities
  • How to remember names
  • Business attire
  • Business accessories
  • How to make an entrance and mix and mingle
  • Non-verbal communications
  • Corporate meeting protocol
  • Telephone manners
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Cubicle etiquette
  • Meeting etiquette
  • Importance of building business relationships
  • The importance of first impressions in the business world
  • Why business savvy etiquette
  • The importance of ATTITUDE
  • Business attire
  • Small talk in the business world
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